Mary Raymakers — Master Sacred Shaman

Meet Mary Raymakers, world renowned Master Sacred Shaman. For over 15 years Mary has been unleashing people’s unlimited potential to empower them to live their life’s true purpose. Mary’s specialty and expertise is clearing out emotional pain and negativity—completely AND permanently, and, in most cases—in 1 session.

Mary became a Sacred Shaman due to testing every technique and modality available for over 35 years in order to release her own emotional pain from the past with her father. Nothing worked permanently or completely until Mary found Incan shamanism. Since then, Mary has been released from her own pain, and pledged to never let another person go through what she has suffered.

Mary is a native of America’s heartland and a graduate from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

After working in the corporate world for 15 years, Mary discovered her true life’s calling: spiritual energy healing. This calling led her to study Incan shamanism as well as White Mesa shamanism and became a full-mesa (healing bundle) carrier in both traditions.  In addition to specializing in the energy medicine traditions of the Incas and the White Mesa, Mary has deepened her shamanic skills and healing abilities with Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett, Yuen Method and Innergetics, both with Dr. Hector Garcia, and ThetaHealing™ with Vianna Stibel.

But clearing out the pain and limiting beliefs from the past wasn’t enough to transform someone’s life into their dream life.  Mary realized that unless old habits are replaced with new skills on how to live a relational life as a healthy functioning adult, people are still floundering to step into a new way of being.  Mary has studied with former Good Morning America’s relationship guru and the world’s foremost relationship therapist, Terry Real, and learned the Relational Life Therapy™ model to help transform dysfunctional behavior into non-violent, full-respect living with self and others.  Mary had also partnered with Terry as the Relational Life Institute’s Resident Shaman Healer, and joined him for 5 years at his workshops across the country for private sessions with workshop participants when their emotional pain and negativity was activated.

Mary is a published, best-selling author in “You Make a Difference—50 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation” along with Adam Markel, CEO of Peak Potentials (where she has also been a trainer), and Barbara De Angelis to name a few. Mary is also a frequent guest on radio and television worldwide.

Mary’s private, intense sessions are unique and extraordinarily effective. Her clients range from backgrounds as diverse as mental health professionals (such as marriage and family therapists, and psychologists); medical professions (such as surgeons, doctors and nurses); the entertainment industry (such as A-list actors/ actresses, recording artists, agents, studio heads and film producers); professional athletes; upper management corporate executives (such as Board of Directors, CEO, CFO, President and Vice Presidents); law enforcement professionals and military personnel (such as agents, officers and commanders); educators (such as professors and department heads); scientists (such as JPL and NASA); housewives/husbands; teens, tweens, children, and even pets.

Mary now travels the world lecturing, seeing private clients and holding workshops teaching people how to manifest their dream lives. She incorporates the principles of manifesting from Napoleon Hill, with shamanism clearing the emotional pain and heavy energy that gets in the way from manifesting, along with avan garde practical spiritual principles for living, and relationship skills that pulls it all together.

Endorsement by Terry Real
Founder of Relational Life Institute and
Former ABC Good Morning America’s Relationship Guru

Mary Raymakers first came to our attention as a workshop participant herself. She felt deeply inspired by our work and began professional training with us for her own development, even though she is not a mental health professional. In the past, other non-mental health professionals – doctors, lawyers, business consultants – have trained with us for their own edification.

On their own, other RLI trainees began asking Mary to work on them and their reports were so remarkable that in the fall of 2007 we asked Mary to offer her services as part of the Institute.  Since then, hundreds of people have worked with her, and thus far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly conclusive—my patients and I love Mary and the results of her work with them!

We make no claim to understand why Mary Raymakers’ work seems to move people so deeply–certainly Relational Life Therapy has no particular alignment with the beliefs of an indigenous spiritual healer. We do take note, however, that many therapeutic techniques are employed without fully understanding how they work.  E.M.D.R. for trauma is an example, as is E.C.T. (“shock therapy”) for depression.

If you’d asked me 3years ago if I was planning on adding the work of a traditional shaman to our offerings, I would have laughed. But not only am I pleased to offer this, I feel inspired to offer other helpful experiences to support those who wish to participate in the daily practice of living relationally. We welcome your feedback.

All the Best,
Terry Real, LCSW