Gain more clarity, peace, passion, energy and freedom.

Whatever is holding you back—from negativity to addictions to pain and hurt such as grief, fear and doubt, unworthiness and low self-esteem to victimized by abuse of any kind to toxic relationships, etc., you can overcome and gain your freedom to live YOUR life as the greatest expression of the REAL you. Mary works with individuals & families as well as businesses and groups.

Mary’s Services

Shed Your Past—Don’t just live with it, get over it! Turn your negativity and pain into passion! Until you have your emotions in check, good relationships and inner peace can never happen. This works like a reset button where you feel like anything is possible for you, and dreams really do come true.

Remove toxic energies collected from others—Do you ever walk into a room and feel the energy is so heavy that you could cut it with a knife? Others energy can affect us greatly, and needs to be cleared in order to get joy and tranquility.

Soul Retrieval—When you have been through a bad situation, you can actually lose a part of yourself. Once the reaction to the bad situation has been removed, that lost part can be brought back along with the gifts and abilities that it holds—things like the ability to play and have fun, or the ability to trust or the ability to connect with others, etc.

Sand Mandalas—Build paintings that represent YOU, and help you to powerfully reclaim who you really are. It is a key part to assist you to in coming back into wholeness.

Fire Ceremonies– Rituals and ceremonies allow you to come back into connection with yourself, each other, the world around you and Source. Fire ceremonies help you to reconnect to your authentic self and the world around you—especially when done around times of great power like the full or new moon, solstices and equinoxes.

Destiny Retrieval—Learn how to access your power and claim your destiny now. You don’t have to wait until some future time to realize the success that is in you.

Releasing Teachers and Roles You Have Played in Your Life—Every person you experience life with, whether for a short period or for many years becomes your teacher. Some teach you useful things others teach you things that can hold you back. By releasing your teachers and your roles, you can step into the destiny that is awaiting you.

Be prepared to FEEL the emotions connected with your issue. WORDS are not necessary once we have discussed the issue before we get started in the process (in other words, your “story” of what happened is not important-FEELING it is!)

Give yourself permission to emotionalize the issues during the process. With many people, they have stuffed it down and have told themselves that it is not ok to feel this. This is not a “bad” thing in the sense that this is how we have been able to survive in this world and not be consumed by what has happened to us, in order for us to move forward in our lives. But stuffing down your emotions will never create happiness in your life and must be released.  Learn More Here

Your energy field will be releasing residue of heavy energy for about a week, so be aware sometimes people will react after a session. What I have listed is normal after a session. Do know that everyone is different so not everyone experiences these symptoms after. But if they do, know that it is normal.  Learn More Here

Shamanic Training with Incan Master Sacred Shaman Mary Raymakers

Whenever someone expresses an interest, I offer shamanic training.  I require a sponsor in order to do this.  A sponsor will set up the location where the classes will be held as well as find a minimum of 12 people as students.  I will assist in finding additional people since people frequently express to me an interest in learning the shamanic methods. Do know that as the Master Shaman instructor, I am the only one who has the final say on any and all areas of the training, including who will be participating in the classes.  ALL are welcomed.  I encourage anyone who is interested to embark on this incredible, life-changing experience.

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