Basis for Why Shamanic Healings Work

“As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery…we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion, and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” Dalai Lama

I find all over the world, this is exactly what people want: to be happy and free of misery. But the greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions, which will always get in the way without fail. So how do we overcome this? The sacred shamanic healing method is all about eliminating these obstacles that get in the way of your joy and inner peace, permanently and completely. Then the after-effect is love, compassion, and a sense of universal responsibility which is then the source of your inner peace and happiness.

So How Does This Work?

This healing modality is based on the premise that everything is surrounded by energy or light. YOU (your physical body) are surrounded by energy or light. This is not a “woo-wooy” statement because science has proven that this energy field is there; it is even measurable.

Your luminous energy field is the program running your life, think Microsoft in a computer. Everything that happens to you is based on the laws of attraction; your energy field is constantly radiating out to the universe to pull into your world certain experiences and the people to experience them with.

We all start out like little children—think one to four years old—they are full of life and energy and vigor, they are truthful and honest; they believe they can do anything (think magic wand!) and anything is possible; they keep trying to do something until they accomplish it without ever believing it is impossible (think about learning how to walk); they believe they can grow up to be anything they wish to be, they enjoy having fun and give it their all. They bounce back from disappointments quickly and put no energy into it, being easily distracted into more positive things. They love purely and whole-heartedly. They dream big. I could go on and on. This is how we were ALL created and designed to be since we were all created in the image and likeness of God. This is the program that our energy field holds to create our dream life and fulfill our unique destiny that only you can fulfill.

When did this stop, and what went wrong? Why do people give up on their dreams when nothing was impossible as a child?

This world is a very toxic place and very difficult to live in. Sooner or later, whether we want it to or not, we will go through something painful or difficult or challenging or hurtful, etc. So this is what happens:

When you go through that “painful” event, the heavy energy of that situation gets directed towards you, hits your energy field and cuts it like a knife—just like a real knife will cut your physical body—and Ouch, that cut hurts! The heavy energy is the situation itself, and the cuts are your emotional reaction (hurt or negativity) to the situation.

The problem is that the cuts and the heavy energy of the painful situation do not magically go away. Plus, the “program” of your life—your energy field—is now damaged and now radiates out to the universe the hurtful situations along with all the good programming that you were born with. The laws of attraction are still in effect. So sooner or later, you will bring back into your life the “painful” situation and the person who will trigger the emotional hurt or negativity; this will happen repeatedly until cleared. Over the years of this activation, your potential is blocked, and you stop creating your dream life. When I work with my clients, I clear out the heavy energy of the “painful” situations and the cuts of the emotional negativity and hurts.

I stay working with my clients in a session until this heavy energy and the cuts are all gone. I do this clearance with stones. My stones are like acupuncturist needles, and I use stones in the same way: I find where you hold your pain in your body and then place stones there to help “unblock” the heavy energy. Once this heavy energy is gone and the cuts are healed, your energy field goes back to all the possibilities of your life being available to create your dreams into manifestation—with all the joy and excitement like when you were a child.

See How a Shamanic Session Works under Sessions to find out how a session works.

How Do We Get Physical Ailments?

The Incas believed that everything in our physical world is a manifestation of what is happening in our luminous energy field. So when things are going well, such as with children, there are not blocks or “cuts” in the energy field and things are flowing energetically the way they should. We have tremendous vitality and health.

But when things go wrong, as I have said above, it is due to the damage done to the luminous energy field by the painful, traumatic, challenging, difficult situations we have gone through, especially from childhood. Eventually this will manifest in the physical because the blueprint for health has been compromised.

Doctors know the debilitating effects stress has on the physical body. Sacred shamans would say ANY negativity or emotional pain has a debilitating effect on the physical body. But it also includes people’s negative or hurtful thoughts. They work hand in hand.

The diagram below illustrates how this happens:

Take a clock and divide it into 4 quadrants to represent the 4 parts of us—energetic/spiritual body, mental body, emotional body and physical body.

  • From 12–3 o’clock it is our luminous energy body.
  • From 3–6 o’clock, it is our mental body.
  • From 6–9 o’clock, it is our emotional body.
  • From 9–12 o’clock, it is our physical body
  • Everything starts at 12 o’clock and works its way around.

So when our luminous energy field gets damaged (1st quadrant) from the heavy energy of the painful things we go through —

Then our mind wraps around it with our painful memories and destructive thoughts such as “I’m no good, I hate myself” (2nd quadrant) —

Then our emotional pain and negativity wraps around it (3rd quadrant) —

There is only one place left for it to go and that is the physical body (4th quadrant). And if we don’t clear it out when it is now disease in our body, our physical body will die from the disease. This is all because the energetic, mental and emotional bodies are the “blueprint” for health or disease.

The sacred shamanic healing therapies clears out the energetic, mental and emotional blocks that are now manifesting in the physical so the physical body can do what it knows how to do best, which is heal itself.  It clears out what brought the disease into the physical body—the cause of the disease—not the disease itself. In other words, I do not work on cancer—I work on what caused the cancer to manifest in your physical body. Then the physical body can get rid of cancer.

And, if the energetic, mental and emotional bodies are cleared of the cuts—the imprints of disease—you can even avoid getting physical diseases. Additionally, this same energy is also what ages us. Look how much people age after they have been through something very traumatic.

Epigenetics is a new science that is proving that our DNA is not hard-wired. People used to say that if my family has a history of heart problems, I will likely get heart problems. Epigenetics is proving that our emotions and mental thoughts along with environment (such as hunger during a famine) determines what our DNA manifests.

This is exciting news because we are able to change our lives, including our physical health, to be at its optimum, and we are in control of our destiny. As a sacred shaman, I help people reach their optimum, unlimited potential by removing the blocks that prevent them from doing this.