“When I talk about Mary, I just call her ‘Miracle’.”

“Walking over to see you, I was thinking about how you always hope for that ‘WOW’ experience with a healer, and how I always seem to be disappointed afterwards. I then wondered if the same thing would happen after seeing you. Well, Mary, this was that ‘WOW’ experience!”

“I am now more alive than I have EVER been, and I owe it all to YOU!”

“My niece had a session over the phone with Mary, and she’s now free of acute agoraphobia which plagued her for the last 8 years. It was sudden and appears to be completely gone! Not only does she get out of the house, but she is now a waitress!”

“After one session with Mary, mom could feel her right side for the first time since her stroke! It suddenly flooded with warmth where it used to be icy cold, and well… what can one say! No more paralysis!”

“Everyone I know who has seen Mary has a similar story. But, I don’t need to ‘wax on rhapsodically’ with tales to prove her merit.”

“I have done different therapies, but I have found with Mary’s work that when I want to make a monumental leap forward, I go to her. Her work does it like nothing else I have ever experienced.”

“Mary’s work does in hours what doctors can’t do in years.”

“My work with Mary Raymakers was the final piece to healing my past pain and trauma, both physical and emotional. The two-hour session was over before I knew it and I left feeling at peace with myself and strong to live my life in the present and excited about the future. I saved myself years of future therapy and physical symptoms and illness by this unique and wonderful work. I am grateful to Mary, as she changed my life with her gift.”

“Words can’t even express how grateful I am for your help. I am truly the person I have always wanted to be now. The introverted guy with low self-esteem is gone. Every day is so exciting now, and my wife and I are getting to know each other all over again. I would never have believed this could happen.”

“Once again, what you do is such a blessing. I feel compelled to help people around me, and like you said there is so much pain in this world.”

“I am so moved I am thinking of starting a blog to get my feelings out and to hopefully help people along the way. There’s so much I can say but I’ll save it for another time.”

“Thanks for showing me the light!”

“I wanted to share my post-experience since my consultation with you. I feel more at peace with myself. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it but I feel happiness. I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings without having to worry about anyone’s judgment, opinions and rejection. I feel that those fears which kept me from being the type of person that I was meant to be have disappeared.

“It is a wonderful experience to go through and release the trauma that one has developed over the years, but most importantly, to be able to understand why I was the way I was. Now, I will continue to work on the type of person that I was meant to be and continue to improve myself over time. I am a kind, caring and loving young man that has always believed in hope and faith. I have pushed myself many times and this time I will push myself to love myself for who I really am.”

“Mary from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for showing me my true self.”


Endorsement by Terry Real
Founder of Relational Life Institute and
Former ABC Good Morning America’s Relationship Guru

Mary Raymakers first came to our attention as a workshop participant herself. She felt deeply inspired by our work and began professional training with us for her own development, even though she is not a mental health professional. In the past, other non-mental health professionals – doctors, lawyers, business consultants – have trained with us for their own edification.

On their own, other RLI trainees began asking Mary to work on them and their reports were so remarkable that in the fall of 2007 we asked Mary to offer her services as part of the Institute.  Since then, hundreds of people have worked with her, and thus far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly conclusive—my patients and I love Mary and the results of her work with them!

We make no claim to understand why Mary Raymakers’ work seems to move people so deeply–certainly Relational Life Therapy has no particular alignment with the beliefs of an indigenous spiritual healer. We do take note, however, that many therapeutic techniques are employed without fully understanding how they work.  E.M.D.R. for trauma is an example, as is E.C.T. (“shock therapy”) for depression.

“If you’d asked me 3 years ago if I was planning on adding the work of a traditional shaman to our offerings, I would have laughed. But not only am I pleased to offer this, I feel inspired to offer other helpful experiences to support those who wish to participate in the daily practice of living relationally. We welcome your feedback.

All the Best,
Terry Real, LCSW