Shamanic Training with Master Sacred Shaman Mary Raymakers

I teach classes in sacred shamanism periodically. People take the class for one or two reasons: to accelerate personal growth and/or to learn how to become a sacred shaman as a profession.

With a Sponsor
Sometimes someone desires to sponsor a shamanic training. A sponsor finds a minimum of twelve people who wish to learn and finds a location for the training. I may add to the student list by inviting people who have expressed interest in learning the shamanic methods. With students and location confirmed, I enthusiastically begin the training course.

Hands-On Experience in Modern Apprenticeship
In our training sessions, students work on each other. Therefore, this training is extremely experiential. Experience is one of the core beliefs of a shaman; every aspect of being a shaman is based on experience. The shamans in Peru believe that the only way you can be a shaman is through experience; shamanic methods and practice can’t be learned from a book. It is in this vein that the classes are designed.

In the traditional Peruvian shamanic apprenticeship, a master shaman would take on an apprentice after careful consideration and extraordinary expense to the student. Once accepted, the apprentice would spend all their time living and working with the Master—plowing fields, building homes, picking potatoes, going to town for supplies, etc. and, occasionally, when a sick person was brought to them, learning a healing technique. This was the way of life in which the apprentice gradually learned the techniques to heal others.

Things are so dire on this planet that outside of Peru we can no longer afford this amount of time to learn the techniques in the traditional way. The shamans in Peru agree with this, and often would say as parting words to those of us who worked with them, “Bring this back to your families, your homes, your villages. The world needs this NOW.”

ALL Are Welcome!
Do know that as the Master Sacred Shaman instructor, I am the only one who has the final say on any and all areas of the training, including determining all students who are accepted into the classes. ALL are welcomed, and no snubbing, bullying or exclusion is tolerated. I encourage anyone who is interested to embark on this incredible, life-changing experience.

During Training, Leave Other Methods At Home
Many people come to these classes having learned other fantastic healing modalities. These will NOT be allowed to be used during the training. The only way you will experience the power of this work is to leave the other healing modalities aside during the classes. After all five classes are completed, I encourage you to learn other modalities or incorporate ones that you have already learned to make your profession your own. A sacred shaman has many tools in their toolbox and other modalities can enhance this work, just not during the training.

Time Commitment
The apprenticeship is a fifteen-month commitment consisting of five core classes of five days offered every three months. New students will be allowed into the second class without having had the first, although the first class will need to be made up. No new students are allowed into the training series after the second class.

Design of the Course
In every class, you will learn a different technique while you work on your own personal growth and development as a shaman. By becoming a shaman and adapting the shamanic lifestyle, all aspects of your life are enhanced.

To assist your personal growth, the classes are structured to first clear out the pain and trauma of your past along with what you inherited through your parents/ancestors (heart problems, addictions, cancers, etc.). It takes two classes to do this. The next two classes are designed to assist you in stepping into who you really are and creating the life you want to be living. The fifth class pulls it all together and is a deep, life-changing experience.

The techniques you will learn how to work with energy to heal others:

Deep Luminous Cleanse (DLC)
Learn what the luminous field is and how to clear out the pain and trauma from the past.

Extract Crystallized as Well as Fluid Energy
You will learn how to remove both crystalized energy and fluid energy.

Extract Crystallized Energy
Crystallized energy is best described using the phrase “so and so stabbed me in the back.” Using this example, the energy of betrayal is so thick and heavy that as it is being directed at someone, it takes on the shape of a weapon, such as a knife, a spear or an axe, that gets lodged in the energy field of the person that it is being directed at. This can eventually lead to physical problems.

Extract Fluid Energy
There are two different kinds of fluid energy. For example: the heavy energy experienced in a room after a bad argument: It feels like you could cut the air with a knife and it could put you in a bad mood if you stayed in the room long enough. This is one kind.

Here is an example of a second kind of fluid energy: When someone dies with a concern about what will happen to their family, as they leave their body, they can gravitate towards a family member to help them and end up attaching to them instead of getting to the other side.

Soul Retrieval
When someone experiences an extreme trauma, the soul finds it extremely difficult and to keep itself intact a piece of it will break off and will go back to the womb of the Mother, Mother Earth, where it is safe. You will learn how to safely bring the soul part back to your client.

The soul going through this level of stress and duress may make an agreement with itself—a contract—that doesn’t fit them very well. As an example: Someone badly hurt in love might say, “I will never love again.” The soul will hold you to this contract until it is changed which can create a lot of problems in your life. You will learn how to change these contracts that no longer work into something much more life affirming and enhancing. Changing these contracts will ensure that the soul part will stay with the client and not leave again.

Death Rites
When the physical body is ready to expire, the energy field is supposed to leave the body to go back to Source. However, often in today’s world, the energy field will get either trapped in the physical body or won’t make it to the other side. You will learn how to assist the energy field to get back to Source. To assist a client to the other side is one of the greatest gifts a client can give you and is an honor for the shaman.