Mary’s Shamanic Lineage—Who Are They?

The Inca Empire was as big as the United States and was the last highly-evolved civilization on the planet before the Spanish conquest, although they had already started to lose their high consciousness. They understood the same things that the great civilizations of Egypt and China knew before they fell. They understood how energy works and how, in a golden age society, to help the people maintain their sense of balance and harmony.

When the Spanish came and conquered the Inca Empire five hundred years ago, the top two leaders were killed, and the rest of the rulers and healers fled to the mountains to hide. The Spanish went after them and couldn’t find them. Legends say that the Incas would return when the world most needed their knowledge and, remarkably, they did. And apparently, we need it now. The descendants of the original Incas—called the Q’ero– walked down from the mountain where they were hiding, and the people recognized them.

In the 1950’s, after the Q’ero recognized the signs that told them that they were to return to the public, they first appeared at one of Peru’s major annual festivals, the feast of Collor R’iti, wearing ponchos emblazoned with the royal emblem of the Sun. The thousands of people attending the festival recognized them and this crowd parted to create a path for them to walk through, and the elders of the medicine people welcomed the Q’ero, saying, “We have been waiting for you for five hundred years.”

The importance of their return is not only that the world needs what they know but also that they have been isolated from the rest of the world for five hundred years and therefore, they have not been influenced by the oppression of the Europeans—their warlike nature, their negativity and their intent to destroy all that was sacred to the Incas—as the other indigenous tribes around the world were. Unlike most other indigenous healers who were slaughtered for practicing their ways by governments and fully indoctrinated into religious beliefs by missionaries, the Incan healing methods and beliefs are still mostly intact and pure.

Like the Mayans, Hopi and others have similar prophecies, the Incas have returned to deliver their prophecies that state that human beings are now being translated into “luminous beings”—”rainbow people”— and that these prophecies are being fulfilled right now. And, they have reintroduced to the world a body of techniques that allow for transformation.

Unlike other contemporary as well as traditional healing modalities that either never really clear the trauma completely or only offer a few days of temporary relief, these ancient methods transform us and allow us to leave the pain of our past permanently behind. We are now free to step into creating the world we want to live in, living the life we always wanted to live.