Mary’s Journey

Meet Mary Raymakers, world-renowned Master Sacred Shaman, who is highly qualified to teach practical spirituality. For over twenty-five years, Mary has empowered people to live their life’s true purpose by unleashing their unlimited potential. Mary’s area of specialty and expertise is in clearing out emotional pain and negativity completely AND permanently and, in most cases, in one session. In the ancient ways of the Incas and the Tibetan Buddhists, Mary works with the masterful Celestial Beings on the other side, and her passion is to teach people how to work with them to super-charge their own journey into their Authentic Self.

Mary’s Story
Mary is a native of America’s heartland, a farm girl from Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She was raised in a traditional Catholic home, and even though as a little girl she loved the Holy Family, something was wrong and Mary began her search for something more at the age of seven.

So how did Mary go from the simple life on a farm in Wisconsin to the world of the ancient Incan Sacred Shaman in Peru to end up in Jackson, WY by the University of the Spirit at the Grand Teton Mountains? Let Mary share with you her story so you can learn a bit about her, her own journey and how she ended up doing what she loves.

My Early Years
Like most people I have met, I grew up in a dysfunctional home. I had issues with my father because he was a mean-spirited tyrant and bully when I was growing up. It left deep emotional scars that I thought would never heal. I couldn’t wait to get out of that crazy home to be on my own and thought college was the way out to get a better life.

After graduation from college, I worked in the corporate world for fifteen years before I finally discovered what I had been searching for since the age of seven. I discovered that there are other dimensions of the spirit world, what people have often called Heaven or the etheric plane. I have identification with clients like maybe you who have a curiosity of the other side but never really dove in to discover what more is there—but I dove in!

When the Student Is Ready, the Master Appears
In my quest to find what was missing in my life and with my hunger to know the truth, I met and then studied with top leaders in spirituality who understood these dimensions. And in these dimensions, I found there are MORE THAN JESUS and MARY; there are masterful beings like angels and archangels, and Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas and Celestial Beings who are available to help us get out of the mess and the chaos on Earth. Many of these beings of Light had lived on this planet and found their way out, and are here to teach us how we can find our way out too.

In addition to my work with people one by one, I desired to teach people how they could better understand their own energies and use these to keep themselves out of their dark places and into higher dimensions.  With this mantle through the Masters, I came to Jackson, WY in order to do that. The Teton Mountains by Jackson provide a very special meeting place in the spirit world where people go at night after they are asleep (yes, you leave your physical body at night when you sleep!). In the spiritual realm, people learn about who they really are, how to act more like who they really are, and more.

To Be Truly Free, Deal with Your Psychology
These masterful beings provide a road map to get out of the craziness on this planet by teaching you about who you really are, where you came from, how you got into the mess you are in and how to get out of it, they also explain that you must deal with your psychology in order to truly become free.

For over thirty-five years, even before I found these masterful beings, I tested every technique and modality available in order to release my own emotional pain with my father from childhood. Because these masters had said that people need to deal with their psychology, I was determined that there had to be a way to permanently and completely release my emotional wounds. However, nothing worked permanently or completely until I found Incan shamanism. Since then, having been released from my own pain, I pledged to never let another person stay suffering as I had suffered if they truly wanted to be free from that pain. I had learned that painful things happen on this planet but suffering afterwards is no longer necessary.

I dove into learning all I could about the Incan shamanic healing methods so I could help others in pain. My husband and I bought a home in Peru where I lived part-time for much of a decade, traveling all over Peru studying with the different shamans throughout that country. I was struck by the purity, power and effectiveness of this shamanic tradition’s methods to help heal the soul, and learned that the original teaching of the ancient Incas from thousands of years ago came directly from the same masterful celestial beings that I had discovered only years before! No wonder these methods were so powerful and pure!

In addition to specializing in the energy medicine traditions of the Incas, I deepened my shamanic skills and healing abilities with modern avant-garde methods like Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett; Yuen Method and Innergetics, both with Dr. Hector Garcia, and ThetaHealing™ with Vianna Stibel.
But clearing out the pain and limiting beliefs from the past still isn’t enough to transform someone’s life into their dream life. I learned the hard way, with ruined intimate relationships, that unless old habits are replaced with new skills on how to live a relational life as a healthy, functioning adult, people would still flounder in trying to step into a new way of being. I know because I floundered until I accomplished this with help.

That is when I met and studied with former Good Morning America’s relationship expert and the world’s foremost relationship therapist, Terry Real, and learned the Relational Life Therapy™ model to help transform my dysfunctional behavior into non-violent, full-respect living with myself and others. I also partnered with Terry as the Relational Life Institute’s Resident Shaman Healer and joined him for five years at his workshops across the country for private sessions with workshop participants when their emotional pain and negativity was activated. Terry describes full-respect living as a spiritual practice.

It Is Always Darkest Before the Light of Dawn
Through the celestial beings of pure light of whom I speak, I learned that Earth is a schoolroom and we get tested on what we learn. Every time you pass a test, instead of earning a grade with our grading system like in our schools on Earth, your passing “grade” is to receive more light or energy to work with. Then you get tested again. This process continues until you graduate from this planet. But I am ahead of my story because I am not yet graduated. So, my testing eventually came up against dealing with beings of darkness.

Many people do not want to believe these beings of darkness are real. But when you look at the world around us, and how it has changed in less than 10 years, you may realize that the insanity on this planet is beyond comprehension. You may honestly wonder what happened.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that in addition to karma coming back for us to deal with (what you reap is what you sow), there is an unprecedented influence from beings of darkness entering into our world. In my dealings with these beings of darkness, I got drained of more and more of my energy. I learned Vipassana meditation, and once again, met these same masterful beings from 25 years ago to help me through that time of darkness. I eventually found Dr. Gu, a chi (energy) master who is also Tibetan Buddhist master from China who became my teacher and helped me get out of that hell. Once again, the masterful beings whom I had met 25 years ago are the same masterful beings that my chi teacher knew to assist me out of that darkness and rebuild my chi!

You may wonder what would be the purpose of someone going through that kind of darkness? Why, it is about mastery of self. My father had a saying that God helps those who help themselves. God will not do for you what you can do yourself. Dealing with darkness is one way of gaining self-mastery. And the lesson is also that I need help from the other side to deal with this level of darkness so that my efforts combined with God’s assistance makes an unstoppable combination. The light is always greater than the darkness, and what I learned is that when I have enough light or chi in my energy body, and I control my thoughts to shield it from negativity, and eliminate my emotional pain so I stay centered and harmonious, and then I get assistance from the other dimensions, the light will prevail over the darkness. That is how I win my victory. And, based on my personal studies and experience, I can help you to gain your victory! But I do wish to reassure you that you may not have to deal with beings of darkness—that is where my path brought me and everyone’s journey is different.

I now travel the world lecturing, seeing private clients and holding workshops to teach people how to become their Authentic Self and then manifest their dream life. I incorporate Napoleon Hill’s principles for manifesting with avant-garde practical spiritual principles for living, techniques for clearing the emotional pain and dealing with heavy energy that gets in the way of manifesting. And, of course, I incorporate all these with relationship skills that pull it all together.


More Background on Mary
Mary is a published, best-selling author in “You Make a Difference: 50 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation” along with Adam Markel, former CEO of Peak Potentials (where Mary has also been a trainer), and Barbara De Angelis to name a few. Mary is also a frequent guest on radio and television worldwide.

But Is Working with Mary for You?
Mary’s private, intense sessions are unique and extraordinarily effective. She has worked with thousands of people all over the world from various walks of life. Her clients range from backgrounds as diverse as:

  • Mental health professionals (such as marriage and family therapists, and psychologists);
  • Medical professions (such as surgeons, doctors and nurses);
  • The entertainment industry (such as A-list actors/ actresses, recording artists, agents, studio heads and film producers);
  • Professional athletes;
  • Upper management corporate executives (such as Board of Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents);
  • Law enforcement professionals and military personnel (such as agents, officers and commanders);
  • Educators (such as professors, department heads and teachers);
  • Scientists (such as JPL and NASA);
  • Suburban housewives/husbands; teens, tweens, children (real, everyday kind of people) and even pets.

Endorsement by Terry Real
Founder of Relational Life Institute and
Former ABC Good Morning America’s Relationship Guru

Mary Raymakers first came to our attention as a workshop participant herself. She felt deeply inspired by our work and began professional training with us for her own development, even though she is not a mental health professional. In the past, other non-mental health professionals – doctors, lawyers, business consultants – have trained with us for their own edification.

On their own, other RLI trainees began asking Mary to work on them and their reports were so remarkable that in the fall of 2007 we asked Mary to offer her services as part of the Institute. Since then, hundreds of people have worked with her, and thus far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly conclusive—my patients and I love Mary and the results of her work with them!

We make no claim to understand why Mary Raymakers’ work seems to move people so deeply–certainly Relational Life Therapy has no particular alignment with the beliefs of an indigenous spiritual healer. We do take note, however, that many therapeutic techniques are employed without fully understanding how they work. E.M.D.R. for trauma is an example, as is E.C.T. (“shock therapy”) for depression.

If you’d asked me 3 years ago if I was planning on adding the work of a traditional shaman to our offerings, I would have laughed. But not only am I pleased to offer this, I feel inspired to offer other helpful experiences to support those who wish to participate in the daily practice of living relationally. We welcome your feedback.

All the Best,
Terry Real, LCSW

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