How a Shamanic Session Works

I am doing nothing to you–I am merely a conduit for Spirit to work through me to support you in releasing your emotional pain. YOU are the one doing the work to release your pain and negativity and I am simply assisting you. Because you are doing the work, I believe this is the power of this healing modality. Think of me like a midwife in this process.

On average, expect your session to last approximately two hours.

Be prepared to FEEL the emotions connected with your issue. WORDS are not necessary once we have discussed the issue prior to starting your session. In other words, your “story” of what happened is not important-FEELING your emotional reaction to it is!

Give yourself permission to emotionalize the issues during the process. Many people have stuffed their emotions and have told themselves that it is not okay to feel them. This is not a “bad” thing in the sense that this is how we have been able to survive in this world and move forward in our lives without being consumed by what has happened to us. But stuffed emotions will never create happiness in your life and must be released.

I.  Your Part:  Feeling Your Emotions with the Issues and Breathing
*Feeling and Breathing are the two keys to making this process work. Both are necessary for your success.

  1. Feel the Emotions Associated with Your Issues
    1. Bring issues—write them down if easier to remember
      Come to the session with a list of issues that you know hold you back (fears, conflicts, pain, hurt, phobias, etc.)
    2. Speak together and identify what to work on.
      1. This is what we will discuss before your session starts.
      2. WORDS are not necessary once we have discussed the issue before we get started in the process (in other words, your “story” of what happened is not important-FEELING it is!)
    3. FEEL the emotion –stay focused, don’t allow distraction—until gone.
      1. During the session, you must focus on feeling the emotions associated with your issue.
      2. Give yourself permission to emotionalize the issues during the process.
      3. Sometimes, instead of feeling it, some people tend to create or accept distractions that divert our attention away from what we are feeling like things that make them happy or other people will want to talk. Stay focused on the issue at hand by feeling it until it is gone.
  2. Deep Belly Breathing
    1. Steady, even, deep breaths from the diaphragm continually throughout the process
    2. Inhaling in through your nose and exhaling out through your mouth (or in through the mouth if the nose is stuffy).
    3. The exhale is more critical than the inhale but to have a good exhale, you need that deep inhale.
    4. If you don’t breathe it out of yourself, nothing happens.
    5. Instead, think of using your breath to blow all of your pain out of your body.
      Or, think of blowing out all the candles on a birthday cake with on big breath.

II.  My Part: To Assist You to Clear Your Emotional Pain/Negativity
Coaching you to breathe deeply from the belly
Tapping on your physical body in the places where you hold your pain to help release it.

  1. I coach you to breathe deeply from the belly.
    1. I spend most of my time coaching you to keep you breathing throughout the process because when we feel those painful issues, we often breathe shallowly from the chest or even stop breathing.
    2. This is a normal reaction when we feel our negativity or emotional pain.
    3. The release does not happen with a shallow breath, so I help you overcome the “normal” shallow breathing reaction to pain.
    4. I also demonstrate how to breathe so you can follow my breath.
  2. Lightly tapping on your physical body
    1. I tap on your physical body to avoid feedback from you such as “I am getting light-headed” or “I am getting a headache” or “My throat is feeling tight or constricted” or “My chest feels like a heavy weight is sitting on it” or “My stomach feels knotted or nauseous.”
    2. When you give me that kind of feedback, you are telling me where you hold your negativity or emotional pain and where that energy is stuck in your body. This information allows me to tap the body to break that heavy energy into smaller pieces which allows you to release it easily and hopefully avoid the physical reactions during your session.
  3. Checking in with you
    1. Throughout your session, I will ask what you are experiencing.
      1. Mentally:  What memories or thoughts are you having.
      2. Emotionally: What negative or painful emotion are you feeling.
      3. Physically: What (if anything) do you feel physically, the two most common
        1. heaviness
        2. pins-and-needles-falling-asleep feeling that makes you want to shake out your limbs
    2.  Gauge your progress
      1. I will ask you to assess your emotional response on a scale of 0 – 10.
      2. For me, “10” indicates the worse you feel in the session, “0” means the negativity or hurt is gone, “5” means the emotional intensity is half gone.
      4. The process continues until ALL the emotion of your pain and/or negativity is completely dissipated. Perhaps for the first time in your life, it will be COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY gone. I stay with you in the process until the energy is cleared and you never feel it again.

III. Miscellaneous

  1. If you get cold, let me know and I’ll cover you with a blanket.
    Sometimes when emotions/energy is releasing quickly, the body temperature drops or raises.
  2. Bathroom breaks necessary
    1. If you need to use the restroom, during the process, please DO!
    2. It will not interrupt the process and is part of it. Don’t apologize if you have that need.
    3. We store a lot of emotions in our bladder and when we relieve ourselves, it quickens the releasing process.
    4. You instantly feel better.
  3. Talking/Sharing
    1. Feel free to share what is happening to you during the session.
    2. This will help me monitor what is energetically happening with you.
      1. Talking is a way to avoid your negativity or emotional pain and the release slows down or even stops moving if you go into your mind.
      2. Remember, this is an emotional “energy-moving” process and not a mental one, two very different modalities with very different results.
    4. Bring water.
      1. You are doing a lot of breathing so you may get thirsty during your session.
      2. I will be having you drink water throughout the session.