Letter from Mary

There is nothing that brings me greater pleasure than to assist someone to clear out their emotional pain and negativity. The look on their face and the shine in their eyes brings me more joy than I could ever imagine. They look like little children again, as if they had lost all their aging. It is priceless.

I realize that what is happening is people are experiencing being reconnected back to God (Spirit, Higher Power, Source, whatever you want to call that something greater than we are). Most of the time, people haven’t felt this connection since they were little children. It is our pain/issues that get in the way of feeling that connection and my work clears out the pain. After the session, people say they feel light, peaceful and one with all.

When I first started my practice and every client left their session with me permanently transformed by this work, all I could think of and began to ask God was, “How do I get this out to the world? How can people in pain find someone trained like me? How can I get this to the people that need it?”

I have felt like a doctor in the middle of an epidemic with medicine in my black bag to cure people, but they don’t know that it is there, that I have a cure for what ails them and can help them get better again.

However, people used to find me through word of mouth; now, of course, I use social media. It feels that we are part of a global transformation and I am doing my part to make it happen as smoothly as possible. Eckhart Tolle talks about this transformation in his books, The New Earth and The Power of Now, along with many others, including the ancient ones from the traditions of the Incas, the Mayans and the Hopi who prophesized this time of a great shift.

I believe that this is the time on the planet when we are turning from Homo Sapiens into Homo Luminous: our energy fields are becoming bright and vibrant, and the colors of the rainbow in our chakras are glowing brightly like little children who have a glow and an energy that we wish we could bottle for when we are older.

I believe that people are waking up and the things that used to be a non-topic or not a concern for them are becoming common place. Things like spirituality (remember when it was said to never discuss politics or religion?), alternative health options sought for diseases; yoga, tai chi, and taking care of the environment (you see and hear “becoming green” everywhere).

Even though every time I turn around and hear how terrible our world is, personally, I don’t believe this. I believe this is the most exciting time to be alive on this planet. I believe that we are given an opportunity to have our issues transformed so we can be vibrant again, and if all our pain wasn’t up, we wouldn’t know what we had to clear out. I have heard it said that all the advanced civilizations were “dress rehearsal” for this time. This is the real deal, this is it. And we are all here to play our part. We are all here to wake up. In the Bible, it said that Adam fell asleep, but it never said he woke up. Now is the time.

I believe that we have every tool we need to be transformed individually and as a planet. I believe that we no longer have to learn our lessons through suffering, nor do I believe that we need to continue to be gripped by the pain from our past. I believe that we can be people who are compassionate, loving, kind and harmonious. I believe that this is what my work assists people to become again by releasing the trauma from the past. I believe that I have the medicine to help you release your pain permanently and join the thousands of others who are transformed now to live the life that they always dreamed of having.

Won’t you find out and experience this for yourself?