What to Expect After a Session and Instructions

Your energy field will be releasing residue of heavy energy for about a week, so be aware sometimes people will react after a session.

If you do have reactions, below you will find helpful instructions that will see you through these days with ease. What I discuss here can be considered normal responses.  Everyone is different, so not everyone experiences these symptoms but if you do, know that it is normal.


1. You may be more tired.

Your body just needs to recharge, so get more rest and within a week you should feel better than ever.

2. You may be more emotional, and it is usually the emotions that you were releasing during your session.

In the first three days following your session, you may experience more of the emotions that you were releasing during your session. The mind tries to make sense of it and will say things like “That didn’t work” or “I brought it back or re-opened these emotions up again. Not true—it is simply releasing the residue of heavy energy from your energy field, and sometimes a little emotion is releasing with it and usually it goes quickly.

Instead, be okay with it. Breathe through it like in your session and it should pass quickly.

3. Drink more water.
Take a couple of glasses more above your normal daily intake. Since your luminous field will be releasing for about a week, water will make the transition smoother.

4. You may experience scattered thoughts, dizziness, nausea, disoriented, feeling “I’m not in my body.”

IMMEDIATELY grab for water and protein. If you up the water and protein intake immediately after a session, you may be able to avoid this.

5. Get out in nature.

The earth will absorb the toxins from your luminous field that is still releasing.

6. Take a salt bath.

I sometimes suggest taking a salt bath. Salt baths can help clear the toxins from your luminous field as well as your physical body. Soak for twenty minutes only! (Any longer, your body reabsorbs the toxins you have released.) Then rinse off.

What is needed:

  • 1 c. SEA Salt (Epsom salt if you do not have Sea salt)
  • 1 c. baking soda or 1 pint hydrogen peroxide
  • Bathtub full of the warmest water you can stand to be in for 20 minutes

These items are optional during your salt bath.

  • Essential oil
  • Music
  • Bubble Bath
  • Candles
  • Soak 20 minutes only!  (Any longer, your body reabsorbs the toxins you have released.)  Then rinse off.

7.  Exercise

Continue any exercise routine, yoga, tai chi or martial arts, acupuncture, massages, dance, etc.—these all assist the heavy energy to release as gently as possible.

8. Check in 3 days after your session

Email Mary@MaryRaymakers.com; in the subject line write, “Follow-up to my session” or call with a message on voicemail at (310) 622-5388, leaving a brief detailed message on how you are doing. DO NOT leave a message like “Hi. This is _____. I’m checking in with you. Call me back.” We just need to make sure everything is going well with you and playing phone tag is unnecessary when your message with brief details will do it.

As an example: “Hi. This is ______. I’m checking in with you. I am doing your follow-up instructions and finding them helpful. Overall, I’m feeling lighter, happier. At times, my emotions are close to the surface, especially sadness accompanied by tightness in my chest.”